Actually, I do love Pogo Possum, Walt Kelley’s comic strip about the Okefenokee Swamp and its denizens: Pogo Possum, the turtle Churchy LaFemme, beautiful French skunk Miz Mamzelle Hepzibah, Porky Pine and all the others. What I don’t go for is REAL ‘possums. REAL ‘possums are savage-looking devils with terrible sharp teeth. I’m told that, if I leave them alone, they’ll leave me alone, but how do I know what a ‘possum will consider invasion of his/her personal space? I know I consider their being anywhere I can see them an invasion of my personal space, so….

I mean, here’s Pogo:

and here’s a real ‘possum:

Not so cute, eh?

Look at that–he’d just as soon bite you as iron your shirt.


Writing prompt: Bring a character face-to-face with a ‘possum. How does he/she react? (The character, I mean, although the ‘possum is a character, too, come to that.)