All right, I said I was going to post about the Kentucky Opera but I didn’t post yesterday. Dang-alang–the day was just PACKED! I didn’t even get to hunt mushrooms, so boo-hoo for me.

Mom and I went to the grocery and to run forty-‘leven errands. When we got home, daughter #4 and husband arrived for their promised visit. Had a GREAT visit, if you want to know. They left about 6 and I left for the Southern Indiana Writers’ Group meeting. Got back about 9:30 too pooped to pop.

So now you know.backstage

ANYWAY, Wednesday Mom and I went to the Kentucky Opera do-dah at the Brown Theater, had lunch on the stage and then took a tour. Naturally, I had to take a picture of backstage at the elegant Brown. How regular people are supposed to get up or down these stairs is a mystery to me, let alone women on huge gowns or Luciano Pavarotti. But OMG, I do so love any kind of theater.  Ingmar Bergman’s THE MAGIC FLUTE is the BEST opera film EVER because he shows the backstage and onstage and how reality and suspension of reality swirl around each other in the creative production process. It works the same in writing–You sit down and write a scene where something you JUST NOW WROTE happens to somebody YOU MADE UP, and you cry from your heart.

piratescostumes1On the subject of The Magic Flute, one of my grandsons was addicted to that film when he was 3-4. He was too young to be able to read the sub-titles, so he was constantly startling us by bursting into song in Swedish, copying the sounds he was hearing unfettered by the words we were reading. It’s an eerie feeling, playing Legos with your infant grandson on an overcast day and having him sing the Queen of the Night’s Revenge Aria in your ear… in Swedish….

But anyway, the best part of the tour was when we met Josette, the Costume Mistress. She’s a charming and beautiful woman, and allowed us into her domain with gracious hospitality and shared a bit of her life with us. The first thing we saw when we came through the door was a box of costume props for PIRATES OF PENZANCE, one of our favorite Gilbert and Sullivan light operas. Wheee!costumes

I also took a picture of costumes hanging on a rack. They look kind of forlorn, with no people in them and no magic around them.

So that was our visit to the Brown. Oh, they’re doing LA TRAVIATA, OF MICE AND MEN, and HANSEL AND GRETEL this fall. I’ll post more about LA TRAVIATA, if I don’t forget.

Now I have to go work on my Culinary Chronicles for the coming week, which I HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN YET!


Writing prompt: What would be a funny or touching movie for a child to be hooked on?