Mom got an invitation to former subscribers from the Kentucky Operajgrahambrown, inviting her to a reception at the Brown Theater, where KyO will be performing for the next 2-3 years, as opposed to the cavernous Center for the Arts on the river. We love the Brown, and were delighted the Opera will be there. It’s a smaller theater, but every seat is a good seat (although the ones in the balcony have no leg room). That’s not so bad, if you don’t mind kicking the person in front of you in the head every time you cross your legs. I don’t have a problem with that so, as long as I sit in the back row, I don’t mind the balcony.

We left early enough to get lost and to have trouble finding parking, and neither thing happened (we parked right across the street), so we had time to walk a little on 4th Street. Mom used to work at the corner of 4th and Broadway, and I used to work at, I think, 624 4th Street. Mom’s building is no longer there and mine is empty. Sic transit gloria mundi.

sooptbldgJust outside the Brown Hotel, on 4th Street, is this statue of J. Graham Brown and his little dog, too. Louisville didn’t want him to be lonely, so there’s a statue of a guy across the street, waving to him.

We walked a little farther and saw my building–had an abstract statue in front of it, but I doubt the statue had anything to do with the business closing although… it WAS an optical company. People may have come out, looked at the statue, thought there was something wrong with their new glasses….

The Toonerville II is a trolley that runs around downtown and out Frankfort Avenue during First Friday art hops and last Friday Frankfort Avenue Fat Friday Trolley restaurant/art/shopping hops. It costs 50 cents to ride it. It isn’t really a trolley, it’s a bus all got up regardless to look like a trolley.


Speaking of things that both are and are not what they seem, I took a picture of a wall of the Ohio theater–or what’s left of the Ohio Theater. It used to be, I guess, a vaudeville theater, then it was a movie theater, then it was abandoned. When 4th Street was revitalized, the theater was too far gone to save, but they kept the box office. Just a little box of a building, with a box office painted on each side.sideofohio

Sad to say, I’m out of time for today. I’ll finish this report tomorrow.


Writing prompt: Go downtown where you live or to a town near where you live and take some pictures. Look stuff up about it on the internet.