Joanna and Samantha and I were going to meet for lunch today. Samantha went to her dad’s out of state for the weekend, where the house got hit by lightning. Yes. Everybody was okay, but electric power and electronic devices were fried. She could text but not phone. Joanna can’t text.

Sam and I texted back and forth and I called Joanna and read her the messages.

The company Joanna works for fired her co-worker, so she had more work to do today than she had planned on AND she had a dental emergency. She does not have dentures. I think she would want me to make that clear. She has great teeth, which live in an enchanting smile. But one of them has betrayed her, and she has to Deal with it.

That left Sam and me. (Yes, that is grammatically correct.)

txt txt txt Our first choice, when I found it online so I could get directions… has closed.

txt txt txt Our second choice is still there and I have directions. txt txt txt Time agreed upon just in time for me to leave.

On the back roads heading for the interstate, my BRAKE light comes on. I pull over. I hit the parking brake and release it. Nope, that’s not the problem. txt txt txt Can’t make it after all.

Instead of driving home, I drive to John D’s Auto. It’s way past time for a tune-up anyway. Call Charlie to pick me up. No answer. Talk to John D and Pat. Call Charlie–no answer. Talk some more. Call Charlie–No answer. Phone rings–it’s Sam. Phone switches off for no discernible reason. Call Mom and ask her to walk next door and ask Charlie to pick me up. Text Sam. txt txt txt She is just as glad to get some sleep–had a bad night after the house was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. Oh, really? Hopes my car is okay. Phone rings–it’s mom telling me that Charlie is on his way.

Had leftovers.


Writing prompt: Give a character something she/he REALLY WANTS TO DO. See how many obstacles you can throw in the way. How many, before it’s funny? How many, before it isn’t? Which comes first?