I went to the coffee shop (javajavajavajava) so I could use their high-speed connection, and I DID finally hammer out some kind of post here, possibly in more-or-less decipherable English, but maybe not. They were busier than I’ve ever seen them, and everybody seemed to want iced or frothy drinks. RRRRRRRRRR! MWAAAAAAAAAAAA! GGGGGGGGGGGGGH! Machines in my ear–machines in my ear!

AVG was having ten kinds of hissy fits, wanting to upgrade, update, download and install, so everything ELSE I was trying to do went at such a crawl I might as well have been at home on dial-up.

Somebody gave me a lead on a job for #3 daughter, so I called her to pass it on, which meant she knew where I was. So she came by for a bit. #2 daughter called from the hospital; her husband had left work to pick her up at her job and bring her to the hospital for a shot–the only thing that will quell the worst of her migraines, and he wanted to make sure she had a lift home before he went back to work for a meeting he HAD to make. Naturally, I was glad to help out, so she said she’d call when they were ready to release her.

Mom called with an errand for me to do before I came home.

Interesting people in coffee shop: Tourists from Indianapolis who had kids on Spring Break, going around the state seeing the sights. Mother and daughter from Corydon. Mother asked me to explain Twitter to her daughter, since neither of them use it. Hard to explain the appeal. You sort of have to be there.

#2 daughter called to say she would be released in about 20 minutes. AVG released my machine in time for me to publish yesterday’s post and persuade Windows to prettypleasewithsugarontop shut down.

Delivered #2 daughter to her home, did Mom’s errand, got home, washed dishes, picked Mom up, went to Taste of Harrison County (Harrison Health and Rehab has the BEST food–I tried to convince them I needed a room at their facility, but they told me to get in line), went to World on the Square planning meeting, took Mom home, printed out donkey tails for her Sunday School project (she rejected them because, she said, they were purple and not brown *sigh*), read to her from Terry Pratchett’s SMALL GODS for half an hour, came home and had popcorn with Charlie.

Come to think of it, I believe “not much got done” might be incorrect….


Writing prompt: If tourists came to your (or your main character’s town), what would you (or your character) say to the tourists about the town?