Been finding SO MANY morels, I’m delerious with joy. So happy, I actually cooked something time-consuming yesterday.

Of course, it helped that I didn’t turn the computer on yesterday. Used the tamalesApril Fool virus threat as an excuse to take a day off from the time-sucker. Actually CLEANED MY OFFICE, which was like one of the labors of Hercules. I did a good long search in the woods. Then I made tamales. I have some Maseca, or tamale dough mix, and I have some dried corn husks. I had some smoked pork roast left over, so I chopped it, spread the dough on the soaked husks, mixed the roast and some cheese and wrapped it in the husks and put it in my rice cooker/steamer. Steamed them for about an hour and topped with warmed salsa.

There’s a new place about to open called Colokial: Expressions of the World. colokialLooks like gifts from around the world. I don’t know if it’s Fair Trade yet. The web site, http:///, is “under construction”. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Now I have to go pick up #2 daughter from the hospital where she went to get a shot for her migraine. 😦


Writing prompt: Have a new shop open that interests and excites one of your characters.