Had a good morning with Mom and at the library, enjoying the high-speed connection. Then came home, put on my woodsy clothes, sprayed for critters and ventured forth.4leaf

The first thing I found was this. Can you see it? I used not to be able to see four-leaf clovers, until my friend Jane, who could spot them at a distance, told me to look at the centers. You look at the center of a clover, and you can see the difference between a regular one and a polyform one. When we both lived in Louisville, I would always take her the first 4-leaf I found in spring, to say thanks for teaching me the pleasure of finding them. Now, I’ll have to send it to her by email.

trufflehoundsIn the woods, I didn’t think I was going to find any mushrooms. It’s been damp, but it’s turned chilly. But I persevered, and I found a goodly number, some of them quite large. Of course, I had some help: Al, our #4 daughter’s 17-year-old cat, and Joe, our #1 grandson’s Lab/Dalmatian.

I brought home my haul and made supper: salmon croquettes, peas, and the mushrooms in a cream sauce spooned over all.



Went to Mom’s and read her some of Terry Pratchett’s SMALL GODS.

When I got home, the TV was on, but nobody was in evidence. Then our #1 daughter’s husband came up from the basement: we were under a tornado warning. I called Mom and told her to turn on her television and maybe go to the basement, and I went down. #1 daughter and family don’t have a basement, so they come to ours when there’s severe weather. We never wanted Riley to be frightened, so we always called the shelter-taking “storm parties”. If we were going to be downstairs for any length of time, we took snacks and games. Now he brings his own games. He and his dad played several quick games of “The Eye of Horus”, and we talked and laughed.

The house didn’t blow away, and we all went our various ways.

A good day.


Writing prompt: What is a lucky charm for your main character/antagonist?