I am MomGoth. I don’t read dark fiction–there are quite enough real boogermen in the real shadows, thank you very much. But, whenever I start feeling too dark and dismal and can’t seem tohello-kitties rise above it, I focus on a little thing that makes me happy, and that rescues me. I mean, I’m no good to anybody when I’m sitting around feeling defeated, am I? So I’m glad to have these sparks in my universe.
Look at these — what one of my grandsons, when he was very young, would have called cootie-pies (cutie-pies). I totally LOVE Hello Kitty! My poor #4 daughter, who was more of a dinosaur-and-cars kind of kid, was gifted with many a Hello Kitty because I wanted them. Yes, that is MY Hello Kitty toothbrush in the back. And that is MY Eastern Kentucky University pin on the big kitty’s bow.

I bought myself the big kitty for Easter one year. #4 daughter got me hooked on ST:TNG. The first episode I saw, Deanna Troi had a big bow in her hair and a wide-eyed look through most of the show, and I thought she looked like…. You’re way ahead of me. So I had to get this one, because she’s holding a baby Worf. Isn’t that sweet?

So I keep my Hello Kitties close at hand and look at them when I need an Awwwww fix. Happy, happy MomGoth. 🙂


Writing prompt: Have a character give someone a gift that he/she would like him/herself but the recipient obviously wouldn’t. How does the recipient respond? Does it trigger or open or reveal something about the recipient that was latent or hidden before? Does the recipient begin to like it? Does the recipient never like it? Does it change their relationship or the relationship of the recipient and someone else?