I’m at Magdalena’s today, trying to get a couple of high-speed things done. Trouble is, the connection is high speed, but my brain is still 2400 bps.

One thing I’m trying to do is download Damn Small Linux and I can’t find the name of the file I’m supposed to download. The instruction page says I want dslXXXX.iso and there are several files that fit that. Also says I need to download this and that in Windows to run the md5checksum. I’m like–Damn it, Jim, I’m a writer, not a computer tech!

I’m also trying to transfer my pro-site to a blog-type presentation, and the difference between the old html code I used to build my site and the css code the blog wants makes the transfer a long and painstaking process. That’s why I haven’t done any more with sprucing up my site than I have. I don’t like pains. If I wanted more pain, I’d have had more kids.

Third project underway… well, third, fourth, fifth and on… actually WRITING some stuff and submitting it. I submitted a query on a cozy mystery yesterday and am waiting to hear if the publisher wants to see more. Cross your fingers for me!


Writing prompt: Take five books you love. Copy the first paragraph of each on a separate piece of paper and then write about how that first paragraph drew you in, why it did, how it led to the rest of the story and how it tied in with the end.