dogsdinnerwchickThis looks extremely nasty, but it was actually very good. It’s boiled broccoli with re-constituted dried tomatoes (from my garden), mushrooms, roast chicken breast, mascarpone cheese and garlic-infused olive oil over angel hair pasta. It looks like the dog’s dinner, I know, except that the dog won’t eat broccoli. We liked this very much.

RANT: I can’t rant too savagely on this, because they’re hurting no one but themselves, but it really twists my knickers that I get so many hits from people looking for something like–and I’m using symbols for letters so I won’t be getting hits on this post for it–“An E$$ay 0n Mai Female Parental Unit”. Are they being assigned this for school, for ESL class, or what? It drives me nuts–I may have to take down the story, if I can’t get my OCD about it under control. It isn’t as if they can USE it, or at least it isn’t as if they can use it without raising questions. I mean, my story is about a kid whose female parental unit has snakes for hair. Not something one could pass off as one’s own, except under a very bizarre set of circumstances.


Writing prompt: Imagine you’re a teacher and a student comes in with a wildly bizarre response to an assignment that you KNOW he/she copied from somewhere, but he/she insists it’s legitimate. What do you do? Outline a funny plot line and a not-funny one.