jackieI went to the Community Unity meeting this morning, and my friend Jackie was there.

Jackie is one of my many friends duking it out with breast cancer. Jackie was wearing her fetching pink chapeau, but removed it to show us a sight that had us cheering–FUZZ ON HER HEAD!


She’s finished with chemo–they removed her chemo port and everything!

Now she starts radiation–6 weeks of going every weekday–and then we pray for clean scans.

Yay, Jackie! She brought juice and sparkling water and mixed us “cocktails” to celebrate. And we did. 🙂


*   *   *

My friend Ardis and I want to go to a soup and sandwich place in Lanesville for supper, but I didn’t know if would be open late enough or if it was only a lunch place. I couldn’t find it in the phone book. What could I do? Well, I called the business next door to it, Zabel’s Hardware, and he gave me the number. So we’re going.


Writing prompt: What’s the happiest sight you’ve seen so far this month? Why was it so happy? If you haven’t seen anything happy this month (bless your sweet heart), what’s the closest thing to it?