We were talking in the Murder Must Advertise list about people putting “award-winning” credentials in their bios–about whether we pay attention to that or not. Radine Nehring said it would bemedal funny if we all put up obviously bogus or obviously meaningless awards.

Now, you know me–all three of you who read this blog regularly. I’m all about integrity and objective truth, so I couldn’t do such a thing. Fortunately, I’m the proud recipient of an award that is both fraudulent AND won’t have been presented for more than 200 hundred years.

My friend Jane, the one I meet every month for lunch, gave this to me shortly after we became acquainted. It was long before I married Mr. Allen, and shortly before she learned how to spell my first name.

I’ve kept the award proudly, all these years, and am delighted to present it here now.

I’d now like to thank the presenters and all sentient beings who make this award possible….


Writing prompt: Notify a character of their receipt of a patently bogus award. What do they do? Who sent the notification?