This was supposed to have posted on 03/03/09, but it didn’t. Grrrr! I have got to check my posts more often to make sure they’re actually THERE. What’s the point in running off at the fingers, if the babbling stays hidden? I might as well just sit in the closet and talk to my shoes.

Here is Joe, our oldest grandson’s dog, who lives with us (the dog, not the grandson). He (again the dog) wants to be a good dog, but he just has too much Dalmatian in him to have much of a shot at it. Dalmatians aren’t BAD dogs, but they’re too lively for anybody’s good. They make ADHD look like full-body paralysis.


O dog, so quiet and serenethenobledog1
with carriage so upright,
you are, beneath your noble mien,
a fiend who barks all night.

You start when darkness fills the sky,
O Dog of Little Brain,
and howl until I wonder why
your throat withstands the strain.

If op’ra singers had your voice,
your volume and endurance,
they’d never pass a roll of choice
or purchase voice insurance.

So bark away, Inquisitor,
as harshly as you will!
and I’ll pretend it’s Carmen or
The Barber of Seville.


writing prompt: Write about a dog who looks one way but is another.