sagerockMy mom bought me this fake rock at The Dollar Tree. It’s supposed to go in the garden to mark your herb planting, but this one is not going there. For one thing, if I put anything in the garden Charlie would go ape-shi… Librarian-poo. Since he’s the one who weeds it, he gets to say what goes in it. For another thing, my sage is in a planter box up on the porch, and I know both where it is and what it is.

Mostly, it’s going in my office because Mom bought it for a reason: SAGE is the name of my Big Fat Fantasy novel. It took me about 15 years to get it the way I like it, what with conflicting advice from a series of agents, time out to raise kids and work on short stories and other books etc. etc.

My #4 daughter grew up with SAGE. She knows the characters better than I do, myself. She keeps me from just putting it aside and not trying to sell it. I’m like, “I’m totally satisfied with it the way it is. If I sold it, they would probably want me to change it, the way the agents did, and that eventually killed it. I brought it back to life, and I’m not going to kill it again.”

On the other hand, Norilana Books, which has published two of my stories in their SWORD AND SORCERESS series, has replied to a query and has said I could send a book proposal in May, so I will do that. Vera Nazarian is one of the world’s best editors and one of the world’s best writers, so I would totally trust and editorial suggestions she would have. I only hope she accepts the book. If she doesn’t…. The book is exactly the book I want it to be, so I’m satisfied.

How boring of me!


Writing prompt: Take a scene you’ve written that you really like. Write down a list of the things you like about it. Rewrite it, changing one of those things. Does it make the scene better? Worse? No difference?