This was supposed to have been posted yesterday, but it didn’t post.

I had a great walk in the woods yesterday. I didn’t find any mushrooms, but I found lots of scraped places where the deer had been looking–in vain, I hope. I better not catch no damn Bambiwp-mossy-stone eating my mushrooms. I pity the fool. I’d have a new hat-rack so quick…..

I did, however, find some great sights, smells and, until the Schmeltz kids started target shooting, sounds.

The sad part was how many trees were broken and down, after the big windstorm and then the ice storm and then subsequent highly windy days. There were a lot of trees CHOPPED down, too–trees too broken and bent by the weight of the ice to make a come-back. My husband and the son-in-law who lives next door have been cutting and stacking. Trash to treasure–we’ll have wood for warmth this coming winter, and a beautiful picture in the meantime.

wp-trash-to-treasureThere’s a lot of stuff they haven’t gotten to yet, and the woods are just a mess! Debris all over my mushroom-hunting grounds. It’ll be interesting to see how the grounds change with the changes in light and shadow and humus, as the fallen trees decay.

Another new thing was these woodpecker holes. We’ve never had woodpecker holes here before, and I wonder if a tree going down made a shift in sunlight that increased insect activity on this tree-trunk or what. Everything iswp-woodpecker-holes connected to everything else. It’s kind of freaky, actually.

So, no mushrooms yesterday. I think I’ll wait until after we have a good rain and try again.


Writing prompt: Go for a walk. If you have a digital camera, take it along and snap pictures of three things that catch your interest. If you don’t have a digital camera, take a piece of paper and a pencil, or take a good memory, if you have one of those. When you come back, describe what you’ve seen and why it caught your interest. What does it make you think of? Memories? Free-associations?