They had canned salmon on sale at the grocery yesterday and, since that’s one of my favorite foods of all time, I bought a couple of cans. They also had a deal on mixed cauliflower and broccoli, so I got some of that, too. So last night we had this:


canned salmon, drained and anything you think is icky taken out


seasoned bread crumbs

onion powder (chopped green onions are nicer, but Charlie can’t eat onions)

dried dill weed


vegetable oil for frying

blue cheese salad dressing

mascarpone cheese

Mix the egg into the salmon. I crumble up a BUNCHA dill weed, because I grow it and I love it. Add chopped onion or onion powder, salt to taste, add a little of the breadcrumbs, just until it all sticks together. Form into patties and moosh them into a plate of more bread crumbs. Fry at medium-low (about 4 on an electric burner, with 5 being medium), turning once. I use corn oil to fry this, but suit yourself. I don’t use too much, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Drain on paper towels.

Meanwhile, steam broccoli and cauliflower (or whatever veggies you want). Mix equal amounts of salad dressing and cheese.

Divide veggies and salmon onto your plates. Heat the dressing until it’s spoonable, and drizzle over all. Grate fresh black pepper on top.


Writing prompt: What common current word or phrase makes you want to commit mayhem? For me, it’s “plate the food”. Yeah, plate the food, bowl the soup and glass the wine. Then turn around and bend over, so I can foot your butt.