Sorry, it’s still about FOOD. I have a copy of the Best. Cookbook. Ever–ARTISAN BREAD IN 5 MINUTES A DAY, and came across the authors’ web site. It’s a great supplement to the book. I mean GREAT! They had a recipe for brochen, German hard rolls. Now, when I baked the rolls in ABin5, rawmy husband said, “I’m so glad you learned how to make these while I’m still alive.” That’s the highest praise anyone ever gave me for anything. But, when I baked the German rolls on the ABin5 web site, he said, “THIS is even better.” So now I’ll be making both kinds of dough. The regular recipe is so versatile, but these crusty brown rolls are REALLY GOOD.

If you go to the web site, you’ll see what these are supposed to look like. I wasbaked so excited to try them for Charlie, I made the dough up last night and was up at dawn to put these out to rise because I just couldn’t sleep for thinking about it. Consequently, I didn’t take the time I should have to shape them nicely.

It hurts me to use one part of the egg and not the other–so wasteful–but one of our daughters has chickens and keeps us well supplied with eggs, so I had eggs to spare. Still, I kept the cutyolks, and will look up a recipe to use them. This recipe has 3 egg whites in the dough and another one to brush the risen rolls and give them that brown shine.

So they don’t look so pretty, but they were SO GOOD!

The crust is thin and crispy, hard rather than tough, but easily broken through. The “crumb” or interior is fluffy and delicious. We ate them with a little butter. I put marmalade on a bite, but Charlie was right when he said, “This is so good, marmalade would spoil it.”

And another thing: There’s a special place in Hell for the people who design medicine packaging. I wish their performance enhancing drugs were packaged like my bone enhancing tablets.

I’m at the coffee house today, and got into a discussion with a retired gentleman who was letting me in on the inside scoop as to why the phone company “can’t” provide high-speed internet to the whole county–they don’t want to spend the money to upgrade their equipment. Makes sense to me. I don’t like it, but I understand it. I could HAVE high-speed internet at home, if I wanted to spend the money. But 40-100 dollars a month and a two-year contract … That’s not gonna happen. He also told me his grandfather was a moonshiner from Kentucky, and buried a still on a friend’s property when the “Revenuers” got too close. He even told me where it’s buried. Heeee!

Speaking of people telling you stuff, I ran into that guy who, after Hurricane Ike, told me (he doesn’t KNOW me, you understand) where he lives and that his burglar alarm didn’t work and when he was going to be away from home. This time, he told me his name and that he was living elsewhere while he was having renovations done. If he comes home and all his Stuff is gone, I swear I didn’t do it. But I could.

I totally love this town.


writing prompt: Do a Proust–What food from another time or place makes you happy? Ask some characters the same question and free-write the answers.