When Mom and I ate at Lisa’s Sports Bar and Grill, we parked at the side and, when I came out, I found we had a great view across the creek of these tiny cabins. They’re part of the Grand Trailstinies RV park, which I have not yet but absolutely MUST tour.

I’m a total freak about tiny houses, and I’m aching to know if these have… er… necessaries…. I know there are some cabins, no larger than these, that are complete. One of these fine days, I’ll get it together and arrange a tour for myself.

Anyway, I saw these tiny little houses, and they made me so happy! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to live in a tiny little house like this, with high-speed wireless and devices so you could get movies and books? Back in the day, people lived in very small houses. As the docent at Elvis’ tiny little house in Tupelo told us, people then used their houses as places to eat and sleep, but they LIVED outside where they worked.

It would probably drive me totally nuts, but it makes me happy to think about it. For one thing, I’d have a prayer of keeping it clean, though probably not uncluttered. And I just like Stuff too much–my emo birds, my Leah Porter sculpture, the feel of books in my hands…. Yeah, I’m kidding myself. But the fantasy still makes me happy. So there.


Writing prompt: What kind of house does your character (main, villain, projected) live in? What kind does he/she think he/she wants to live in? What kind does he/she REALLY want to live in?