You’re like, “MomGoth–YOU go to CHURCH?”

I’m like, “Yeah. So?”

Or maybe I’m like, “Yea, verily, my beloved child. Hast thou a request for enlightenment upon this practice?”

Or maybe something somewhere in between….

Anyway, yesterday the minister called Jesus “the Son of Mystery.” I had never heard that one. That is the Best. Name. Ever. I mean, God IS Mystery. Like–Who knows? Who really knows if God exists, much less what God is. Lots of us THINK we know one way or the other, and lots of people THINK they know all about God, right down to the details. I mean like Boxers or Briefs. That’s just crazy talk, but oh well. I think Son of Mystery is my favorite non-descriptive of all time. If I were God, Son of Mystery is what I would want to be called. I mean, have some respect. The Tao that can be explained is not the true Tao, right?

So last week, we had a hymn that was about how God comes to us in communion through the forms of fruit crushed and bread broken. I mean, most of the world LIVES on the corner of Crushed and Broken, so how can a church that sees that and acknowledges that NOT appeal to MomGoth? That’s what Christianity should be all about: A God who volunteered to be crushed and broken to prove that the prophets were right who kept SAYING God was the God of the crushed and broken.

Anyway, I feel at home with that.


writing prompt: Do any or all of your characters go to church? If so, where? If not, did they ever? Or create a bad guy and a good guy and flip a coin to see which one goes to church and which one doesn’t, and write a scene with the two of them together.