As if.

Church this morning, hoping last night’s wet snow hasn’t made the roads icy. Then we have a birthday party for 4-yr-old grandson. His mom was going to have it at their house, but she has a water leak so I got the call last night–It’s at my house. That means I have to freakin’ dust and vacuum, and it isn’t even spring. I also want to bake something. #3 daughter is bringing a grocery  store bakery cake, but that’s so yuck.

#4 daughter is coming to visit, too, which is always a delight, but a busy one–I don’t think we would run out of things to talk about in… well… ever.

So it’s another busy day, lala.


Writing prompt: If you had a surprise birthday party — I mean, it’s a surprise to you that you’re GIVING it — would you cut church to get ready?