My #3 daughter gave me a recipe out of the paper, marked “looks good”. I thought so, too, so I made it last night. I didn’t do it exactly the way they said to, of course, because what’s the fun of that?

I got a good price on kale and potatoes this week, which were two of the ingredients, and on mushrooms, which were not in the recipe but I used them anyway because…I had them, right? I had some Navy beans and some smoked sausage from a sale last week, so there you go.


  • garlic-flavored olive oil or smooshed garlic softened in olive oil
  • onion cut in rings
  • 6 oz mushrooms
  • potato, diced
  • kale, torn in bits and ribs discarded or chopped
  • can of white beans
  • chopped smoked sausage or ham or leave it out if you’re VEGETARIAN
  • water
  • bouillon powder
  • pepper


Heat the oil and cook the onion rings (and garlic, if using) low and slow until softened. This sweetens the onion. Cooking too fast doesn’t do the job. Tear up the kale and add it to the pot. Use a BIG bunch, because kale cooks down to nothing, and this stew is all about the kale. Dice as much potato as you want. I used one medium one. More would have been okay, but not necessary. Add potato to the pot. Open the beans and dump them in; if they have sugar added, drain and rinse them. Add a couple cans-full of water. Add the raw mushrooms. Add pepper (freshly-grated, and plenty of it, for my taste) bouillon powder and chopped sausage or ham (or no meat, if you’re a VEGETARIAN). I used ham bouillon, but vegetable would have been good. Bring to a boil, then turn down and simmer for 20 minutes or so, stirring occasionally, until potatoes and beans start to break up.

Charlie complimented this, and he very seldom pays much attention to what he eats.



Writing prompt: Bring two people together over a newspaper recipe. Are they shopping for the same ingredients? Or was the recipe published years ago, and one just read it in an archive and the other was the child or spouse of the originator?