Jane and I planned to meet for lunch the first week of February, but the ice storm nixed that. So we were going to meet the second week of February, but there were thunderstorms and high winds; with so many trees still ready to fall or shed limbs, we decided not to chance it. More thunderstorms were predicted for yesterday, but we were like, “Enough, already! We’re hungry!”

Jane and I have been friends since the summer between junior and senior high school. We’ve fallen out of contact but have always fallen back in. A few years ago, we established this happy habit of meeting once a month for lunch. It’s pulled me through many hard times, I’ll tell you. Being able to look forward to one bright spot a month, no matter how unhappy everything else might be, has meant the world to me. Even in good times, lunch with Jane is a refreshment that goes beyond the food (and sometimes the drink). You know what I mean, gurlfrien’s. Talking with somebody who understands what you mean when YOU don’t understand what you mean is something everybody needs.

Anyway, we went to Clifton’s Pizza on Frankfort Avenue. It has live music sometimes–not while we were there, alas. It’s all decorated inside with clocks. Why? I don’t know. I guess there wereclifton-pizza-out some that told the time, but I didn’t spot them. Pretty cool, anyway. There’s a big poster of Young Elvis behind the toilet in the ladies’ room. I’m like, “How am I supposed to pee in front of Elvis?” But I managed. It didn’t feel right, mooning the King, but needs must.clifton-pizza-in

We ordered a large 4-topping pizza, and it wasn’t cheap, but it was value for money, let me tell you. I should have taken a picture, but I was too busy eating. So you know the Marx Brothers’ movie, THE COCONUTS? You know the costume party scene? You know Harpo’s sombrero? Well, that’s how big this pizza was. Jane and I each had two pieces and each took two pieces home, and Charlie and I each had one piece for supper and were satisfied, so we definitely got our money’s worth.

Oh–the coolest thing! I went to Google maps to make sure I knew exactly where this place was, and I saw this little person icon on the “go-closer-go-farther” bar and I pulled him down to the spot on the map where Clifton’s Pizza was marked, and I got a street-level photographic view! I could rotate the view and see what was next door, what was down the street, what was higher…. I had never used that before and it blew me away!

Before I met Jane, I went to #3 daughter’s house and met my newest grandkitty. This is Ragamuffin. She’s pretty well fully grown, but she’s TINY. As #3 daughter used to say of #4 daughter when #4 was a baby, “SO cute-n-little!”



Writing prompt: Type in a random city at Google maps and pick a point in it at random. Look at a street-level view and write about what you see.