My husband discovered my blog last night. Lucky for me I never have anything bad to say about him! Well, I can’t let that bother me. After all, who would have any interest in this blog except people who already know me? And they already know what I’m up to, so it won’t hold their interest long, either. heh. If you’re reading this, Charlie, I LOVE YOU!

I’m at Magdalena’s for lunch AGAIN–planning on chicken pot pie in a bread bowl, which is the Best. Lunch. Ever.

Mom and I ate the donuts we bought at Amazing Glaze the other day. They were pretty good, even for being a couple of days old and cold from the fridge. Mom thought they were well worth nearly a buck a pop, but I’ll have to have a fresh one to agree to that. Oh, darn–have to eat a fresh donut. Rough life.


Writing prompt: Someone discovers your character’s blog and your character wishes he/she hadn’t.