Not really. I have an inflammation of the inner ear, and it just FEELS like I’m aboard a ship sometimes. If I had some of those eyeglasses with the faceted lenses, I could sail this boat right back to the 60’s. Whoa, man, far out!

Had a great time at the Friends of Harrison County Book Box and OF COURSE bought some books: Alexander McCall Smith’s MIRACLE AT SPEEDY MOTORS, Ruth Benedict’s THE CHRYSANTHEMUM AND THE SWORD: PATTERNS OF JAPANESE CULTURE, Barbara Michaels’ OTHER WORLDS, BASIC CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH (with instructions on HOW physically to pronounce the sounds and diagrams of inflections) and a magazine called SPEED COOKING. The magazine has pictures of way cool kitchen gadgets I MUST HAVE, like a rolling pin designed to roll, shape, and cut lasagna all in one roll. AWESOME!

Speaking of quick and easy cooking (my favorite kind–if I’M the one doing it), I made this pretty salad the other night:


This was bok choy, Romaine lettuce, sesame seeds and carrots cut into flowers. You do that by cutting wedges out of the sides of whole carrots, then slicing as usual. We had this with blue cheese dressing, and it was very juicy and crunchy and tasty.

Lots of friends came into the Book Box today–Margaret Harris’ youngest daughter, Jeannine, my husband and lots of people we didn’t know but were very pleasant. Carolyn B and Pancho took over for us, and I got to try out my Spanish on Pancho. He said, “Muy bueno!” so I left happy.

We stopped by Amazing Glaze, a donut shop that just opened in Corydon. We got a lemon-filled, a cream-filled and a CUSTARD-FILLED, which is another way to say HEAVEN. We’ll have them with our tea tonight while we’re watching Monk on DVD.

Well, the ship is tossing, and I need to lie down before I do, too. Ya-har, maties!


Writing prompt: You go to sleep and wake up aboard a pirate ship. Is it realistic or silly? What kind of donuts do the pirates like?