The first day of the ice storm, who do you think showed up? Forrest, the dog who knocked me down. Apparently, his people have NOT taken him to Elizabeth, but this is the first time he’s shown up in a while. As I said, they’re very nice people, and he’s a very nice dog, but he doesn’t realize how BIG he is. I have some pictures to show you how big he is. Forrest is the white one. The Lab/Dalmatian/Mutt is Joe, our dog. Actually, he belongs to our oldest grandson, and his name (the dog’s, not the grandson’s) is Jolteon or something–some kind of Manga game name. We call him Joe. Forrest looks rather fierce in this picture, but he’s really a sweetie.


This is too close for comfort. Fortunately, he did not mistake the camera for food, or my next shot would have been of his tonsils.


We used to think that Joe was a big dog….


I called and told them NOT to come get him for a couple of days, because trees and power lines were coming down like autumn leaves, and I didn’t want anybody getting hurt. He just had a sleepover with our dog and went home when the roads were clear.

We had a big windstorm last night, but didn’t lose power, thank goodness. Three weeks without LOST would have hurt me BAD.


Writing prompt: Make a character have to deal with a neighbor’s dog.