Only in Corydon….

Mom and I had lunch yesterday at El Donohues…that is, The Real Enchilada, AKA Olga’s (great food, sensible portions, great price–not related, not being paid to boost them, I’m just sayin’). We sat at a table by the front window, where I could see the intersection. I wasn’t paying any attention, but then a truck parked right outside the window and that snagged my attention. Guy got out and ran into the intersection, flagging what passes for traffic around here to a standstill. What was he doing?

“Oh!” sez I, “he lost his chicken!”

“What?” Mom very reasonably asked.

“He lost his chicken! He’s going into traffic to rescue his chicken! …Or maybe it fell off the Tyson truck and he’s saving it.”

There’s a Tyson hatchery and a Tyson butchery on opposite ends of town, and trucks filled with chickens pass through many times a day…and they come back EMPTY! (DUH DUH DUH DUHHHHHH!!)

Then I realized that my daughters are probably the only people I know who would run into traffic to RESCUE a chicken.

“Or maybe it fell off a Tyson truck and he’s taking it home for supper. He’s got it. He’s picking it up. He’s putting it in the back of the truck.”

He took off.

The next vehicle that passed was another pickup…with a Tyson logo on it.

“Oh, my God, Mom–IT’S THE CHICKEN POLICE! That guy is so BUSTED! WHOOP-WHOOP–WHOOP! ‘Hands on top of your head, sir, and step away from the chicken.'”

“It wasn’t really!” Mom said. “It wasn’t really a Tyson truck.”

“It really was!”

If we hadn’t already ordered, we would totally have run out and followed the vehicles to see if the Tyson guy really was following the chicken guy and, if he was, if he caught him and what he did about him. AND NOBODY IN TOWN WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WAS WEIRD. I mean, they would have thought it was a LITTLE weird, but understandable.

It’s all I can do to keep from calling the place where the chicken guy works (yes, I know where he works–I told you this was a small town) and asking how it went, but I wouldn’t want to take a chance on getting him in trouble. Sooner or later, I’ll see him out someplace where I can talk to him, and I’ll ask.

I LOVE this town!

Oh, BTW, I’m blogging today at Fatal Foodies about cooking during the ice storm.


Writing prompt: What would you or one of your characters run into traffic to retrieve, other than a person or a personal pet?