A song today, then busy busy. Church (the ice on my drive has finally melted!!) and then a magic show with Mom, #1 daughter and 8-yr-old grandson. I never want to go to magic shows, and then I’m all like OOOH! AHHHHHHH! If he wants a volunteer to be sawed in half, I’ll volunteer if I get to pick the bits he cuts off.

To the tune of…you know…the blues.

Icy Blues

by Marian Allen
Ten days without power
Cold and lonesome and blue–
Ten days without power
Lord, I am so cold and lonesome and blue!
Cannot take a shower.
What’s a poor girl to do?

(blangity blangity blangity BLANG duh duh DUH)

House down to forty,
Driveway one icy slide.
House down to forty,
Driveway a thousand feet of icy slide.
Milk out on the counter–Lordy!–
And just put the frozen stuff outside.

(blang blang bluh BLANG)

Got not email.
Can’t watch no episode of LOST.
Lord, I got no computer and no email.
Missed two episodes of LOST.
Just a Sawyer-jonesing female–
Nothing else could melt this frost.



Writing prompt: Send a character to a magic show and make him/her volunteer to help out on a trick. Vanishing? Levitating? Swords through the box? Or a small trick with a big personal effect?