We have what is known as “a wintry mix”–that looks wrong…should be wintery, but it isn’t–Anyway, we got sleet, then snow, now freezing rain. Hell to be out in, but pretty to see. And it’ll be GREAT sledding for the grandkids. I opened the door and took a couple of pictures. Out? Go out? Are you kidding?? Charlie went out, of course–he knows no fear and laughs in the face of discomfort. I just opened the door, took a couple of snappies and cuddled back into my shell.

So here is a picture of the mix on the porch and a closeup of the sparkle. I love the sparkle. Sparkle is one of my Happy Things.




I’m working on revamping my web site sometime this year, hopefully for the spring. I add new content every month, but I mean a new look, probably based on this blog design. If it works, I might move the free content of this blog back to my web site. I might close this blog down…or might not. I can’t decide. I probably won’t post every day, maybe once a week. Dunno. If there’s anybody who reads this and if you give a rat’s hindquarters, drop me a comment, if you would.


Writing prompt: Send a couple of characters out into bad driving conditions. Why are they out? Are they together? Do they know each other? Do they meet due to the conditions? What does the weather feel like, look like, sound like? The freezing rain on the snow sounds like warm rain on leaves, which is disconcerting.