Yesterday was just PACKED. Went to church, of course–LOVE IT. Full of people I really really like and spiritual refreshment and challenges to live more courageously and generously.

Then we had the birthday party for #1 daughter and my mother. All the girls and all children and (almost) all spouses. A fine time was had by all.

#4 daughter stayed and went with Mom and me to the benefit buffet at Magdalena’s for Cheryl Leutheart. The place was packed. All the food and all the service and all the price of the buffet donated to Cheryl to help with her bills while she’s in the hospital. Even tips were being put into the kitty for her. They were also selling raffle tickets for donated items, so I signed a copy of GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE…. and donated it. Mom bought some tickets and got a call saying she had won a prize and could choose from…and they listed the prizes that were left. Sounded like all of them, except the Ghost book! 🙂

We came back and #4 daughter visited with her dad while I went to Mom’s. We watched the 3rd ep of this season of LOST and the first episode of MONK, which we got from the library.

Home, popcorn, LOST IN A GOOD BOOK and so to sleep.

And I wonder (no, I don’t) why nobody reads this blog.


Writing prompt: What is your main character reading now? What is your villain reading?