This comes in all kinds of varieties. I made it up last night. Charlie was in Caneyville visiting relatives, so I knocked this together. I’m all about quick and easy, so it’s mostly convenience foods, but it tasted GREAT!


  • frozen cheese-filled tortellini
  • for vegetarians: fresh or frozen or canned veggies
  • for non-vegetarians, pre-cooked chicken strips cut into bits and ham cut into bits
  • cream of mushroom soup
  • goopy bright-yellow prepared American mustard

Cook tortellini and defrost any frozen veggies/meat. Drain tortellini, leaving a little water in the pan. Blop in enough of the c of m soup to make a sauce, add meat and/or veggies and a TEENSY blip of mustard. Stir until heated through.

It was REALLY GOOD, especially to be so quick and easy.

I’m at the coffee house today, enjoying the high-speed internet. No Butchie playing the guitar, though. There’s a woman here from Humana coaching people through their Medicare supplemental insurance, and the music would make it difficult, so Butchie didn’t come in.

We had a great meeting of the Southern Indiana Writers last night. Teddi Robinson brought in the beginning of her new book, which looks to be good. Carl brought in another chapter of his book, a very tense and disturbing one, very affecting.

I THINK we chose a name for our SF anthology, probably due out next year: FUTURE PERFECT (TENSE IN SPACE). Isn’t that great? T is about to wrap up MOST WANTED, so I hope that will be out soon.

Better get to work. I’m supposed to be setting up my new web site while I’m connected at high speed.


writing prompt: Create a character who defines him/herself by time spent in a place where he/she doesn’t now live. Does he/she stay connected or reconnect to the place or avoid it? how?