Click on The Breast Cancer Site. To help you remember, I’ve added a link to my sidebar and there’s one at the end of this post.

2008 was my year for friends with breast cancer. Three dear friends–THREE–went into battle with BC and, I’m happy to report, whipped its butt. By clicking on a button at The Breast Cancer Site, you go to a page where there are ads which you can look at, use, or ignore; you also contribute a little toward paying for free mammograms for women who couldn’t otherwise afford them. Sometimes the ads are actually for something you want!

The same site has tabs for reducing world hunger, promoting child literacy, pet rescue, rain forest conservation… I forget what all. It was through the ads on the World Hunger page that I found my beloved World Wide Recipes, so you never know where the adventure might lead!

Writing prompt: Write a character who finds out she has breast cancer. How does she react over the course of a week? How do her friends feel and react? How do people who dislike her feel and react? Or you could make the character a man–men get “breast” cancer, too, did you know that?