First, before I forget to post it, L. J. Sellers has an interview today with Karen Olson, a mystery writer who’s working on a mystery featuring a tattoo artist. I will totally read it when it comes out! Here’s the interview at LJ’s Write First, Clean Later blog.

Okay. Ham Soup.

I bought a spiral-sliced ham which came with a packet of brown sugar and spice glaze. So I glazed it and baked it, cooled it and saved the juice and, when the juice was cool, took off the fat and gave it to the dog. OUR dog, not the dog who knocked me down. I took the ham off the bone, which left it looking like I had put it in the shower and told Norman Bates it had disrespected his Mama.

Last night, I put the meaty bone and the juice in the pressure cooker on high at 5 pounds pressure, then turned the heat down to medium low for about half an hour, then turned off the heat and let the steam reduce on its own. Meanwhile, I cut an acorn squash in half, scooped out and saved the seeds and softened half the squash by microwaving it in a bowl with about 1/4 cup water until the squash was tender enough to pare and cut into pieces (about 6 minutes). Took the bone out of the juice and pulled off any good meat and returned the good meat to the pot. Gave the bone to the dog, who was a very happy dog, indeed. Into the pot with the reduced juice and meat I put chunked vegetables: acorn squash, turnip, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, mushrooms. I think I added a little water. Put the lid and the steam-cock back on and brought back up to pressure for about 15 minutes, then turned off the heat and let pressure reduce. It was weird, because of the sugar and spice glaze in the juice and the meat, but those vegetables went really really well with the sugar and spice.

Had some left over, so we’ll have it for lunch. Mmmmmm.


Writing prompt: Write a character who wakes up with a tattoo he/she didn’t have the night before. Not a new one–an old and slightly faded one.