I posted an interview this morning on Fatal Foodies with mystery author Sunny Frazier, in which she talked about her work in progress about pirates and the spice trade. Sunny’s a bundle of energy. After interviewing her by email, I think I’ll lie down and rest for a while.spikes

Mom and I went out and got our hairs cut this morning. I am posting a picture, which I call Self-Portrait With Spikes, Bags, Trifocals and Smirk. Not my best picture. This, in case you were wondering, is why my blavatar is out-of-focus.

This afternoon is Womans’ Literary Club of Corydon, which is always a blast.

Oh, rats! I’m out of time and my laundry is still wet.

“No rest for the wicked,” as my grandfather would say.


Writing prompt: Send a character out into the freezing cold in wet socks.