Mom has commandeered me to run errands this morning–not quite sure where we’re going, but we’re GOING. I might take a copy of GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE…. to the tattoo studio out by the vet’s and present it to the owner, since one of my two stories in it features tattoos in a positive light.

Then I’m going to a meeting at 2:30 about a book fair being planned for the Louisville area in October (date not set yet), open to all writers, subject to approval by the committee, whoever that turns out to be.

Tonight is the Friends of Harrison County Library meeting in the … duh … library. That always moves along briskly, lots of business taken care of snip-snap and home. Usually lasts about an hour.

Mom and I are watching DVDs of SLINGS AND ARROWS. A friend bought all three seasons and sent them to us, so we’re having a riot! The Canadian take on Americans is slanderous, but serves us well back for all the Canadians in American shows who say “eh?” at the end of every sentence. heh.


Writing prompt: Create a character who doesn’t care for “culture” but has one Shakespeare play he/she ADORES. Why?