I believe that everything can be–and should be–a learning experience. Here are three things I’ve learned from the experience of being mugged by the neighbor’s horse…I mean dog…for my dog’s food.

  1. No matter how much a dog likes you, it probably likes food more. We used to have a dog who wouldn’t eat while we were still outside, because he would rather visit with us than eat. This is probably unusual. Our current dog certainly ignored my lying on the deck, gasping in pain, and so did the dog who knocked me down.
  2. If a dog wants what you’re holding, unless you’re holding a living creature–DROP IT and get out of the way. The dog was not being malicious, he was just making a very strongly reasoned argument that the food in my hand ought to be on the ground in front of him.
  3. When you protect your hand with something that looks like a shoe, your hand soon begins to smell like a foot. ‘Nuff said.

I hope these pearls of wisdom will serve you well as you travel through life.


Writing prompt: Have a character get mugged. What does he/she learn from the experience?