Because, like a big dummy, I wrote yesterday’s post and then didn’t hit the PUBLISH button, that’s why.

Yesterday was my day for being a big dummy, I guess. I was almost late for lunch with Jane, and couldn’t take any pictures because my batteries ran out. I fully intended to go with charged batteries, but….

We had lunch at The Irish Rover, where I got…wait for it…bangers and mash. Long-time readers (both of you) already knew that, I’ll bet. We each ordered a pint of beer (“It comes in PINTS??”); Jane had Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and I had Bells Winter White Ale. Hers was dark and mine looked like liquid butterscotch (or, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, like butterbeer). Hers was good but mine was better. I could only drink half of mine, because it was making me loopy, and I don’t get loopy if I’m driving. We went a couple of doors down to the Java Brewing Company and got some coffee and talked for a couple of hours.

Our server at the Rover was Chris Hale, a professional guitarist who does restaurant stuff for a day job. Everybody at the Rover is friendly and efficient, but Chris went beyond the job. He’s the kind of staff who makes a restaurant a place you’d want to go even if you didn’t much like the restaurant.

For supper, we had leftover hash brown casserole, Waldorf Salad and grilled chicken with herbed butter.

I have one of those lean grilling machines tilted toward a drain to siphon off any goodness…I mean grease. I love it, because I can put a frozen boneless chicken breast in it and have it done in 10 minutes, tops. SO THEN I put the herbed butter on it, and MAN the flavor popped!


  • butter, softened but not melted
  • pepper
  • sage, fresh chopped or dried and crumbled

Mix together. Put just a dab on top of hot meat (chicken or beef) and serve, so diners can see the butter melting.


  • celery
  • apple
  • mayonnaise
  • chopped walnuts

Mix, serve and eat.


Writing prompt: What are the five top photos your character missed but wishes he/she had taken or kept?