We’ve had a light dusting of snow. It’s supposed to rise a little above freezing today, so it won’t last, but it is so beautiful.

Charlie is chopping and burning wood to keep the house warm and it’s so toasty! We’ve tried heating with electricity, but electric heat is COLD, even when it’s warm. That sounds like nonsense, but anybody who’s had steam heat or wood heat knows what I mean. It’s a lot of work for him, but he likes the exercise.  Maybe a little LESS exercise would be nicer, but…. Our next-door son-in-law used to help with the wood, but he’s been working so much overtime he hasn’t had time. So Charlie goes out and gathers wood. So many trees were felled by the big windstorm this summer that he has deadwood to chop up to last three seasons, he says. He comes in with a wheelbarrow load while I’m in the basement washing clothes, and says, “Hello, there, washerwoman!” and I say, “Hello, there, woodchopper!” We like each other.

I still haven’t heard from the doctor about my wrist, and Mom is champing at the bit to get out. Charlie said he’ll take us, but he doesn’t want to run around doing errands and eating lunch out the way we do. Grocery day is a day on the town for us, and he wants to, as a friend of mine used to say, “Kill it–bag it–take it home.”

Going to look at the snow some more, before it melts.


Writing prompt: Write about three people who have three different attitudes toward snow.