braceHere is the brace the doctor gave me at the After Hours Care. I haven’t heard back from the radiologist, so chances are I don’t have a fracture. That means Charlie was right in thinking I did NOT need to go get an x-ray. Still, I’m of the opinion that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and my mother would have been very unhappy with both of us if I hadn’t gone. Plus, I got this cool brace.

Wrist still hurts, and fingers swell up if I type too much. Had to take my wedding ring off for the first time since I was bloated with baby. But I finished the updates on the Southern Indiana Writers web site, even though I had to do it pretty much… well… single-handed. ha!


Writing prompt: One partner in a marriage is hurt and wants to see a doctor and the other doesn’t think a doctor is necessary. In our case, we dealt with it as loving adults–how do your characters deal with it? A real challenge would be to have them deal with it as loving adults but STILL make the story interesting!