I posted before about the neighbor’s big white dog, Forrest, who runs around here a lot. He seems to have left home and gone feral, hanging out with our dog most of the time but running away every time his people come and take him home. He won’t even go home to EAT. Well, yesterday, he decided he was going to eat my dog’s food, no matter who was in the way. He didn’t deliberately knock me down, but he did knock me down. Fat as I am, I fell HARD. One leg just scraped and bruised, one arm sore and maybe a fractured wrist.

Went to the after-hours clinic for an x-ray and the doc there said probably just a hematoma–I said, “That’s what I’ll tell my husband–it sounds more impressive than ‘bruise’.”–but it could be a fracture. He said, “The bones in the snuffbox are notorious for being hard to read.” I’m like, “In the what?” He said the area at the base of the thumb on top of the hand just above the wrist is called the snuffbox, because that’s where people who took snuff put it in order to sniff it up. ha!!

Anyway, Forrest’s people were very sorry and kind and they took Forrest to a relative’s house (theirs, not Forrest’s). I do hope he’s happy there, because he’s a good dog, really. But if he can knock ME over, how badly might he accidentally hurt my mother or my grandkids?

my arm is hurting i am not typing any more.


writing prompt: If a dog knocked you down, what would you want to happen to him?