Wheeee! I just updated my pro site for the new year. Streamlined it, took all the free stuff off of it except for the Monthly Hot Flash (archived on this blog as Flashbacks). Made it look more like the blog. NEW! SHINY!

Today, Charlie and I are going to his sister Dolores’ for the New Year’s get-together. Last night, we went next door to Mom’s for that Alexandra cocktail I wrote about a day or two ago. I had ONE and had a headache most of the night. I think she made them stronger than usual so she could use up the last bit of the bottles. Urgh!

I took something to eat that went over well, so I’m making it again for today: I rolled out some refrigerator bread dough onto a cookie sheet, let it rise, make knuckle-dents in it and brushed it with garlic-infused olive oil. Baked it –keeping an eye on it and poking any bubbles that try to rise into crusty domes–until it was golden, took it out and sprinkled it with a variety of cheeses. The heat of the bread melted the cheeses but left them with some individual integrity. Then I cut it into finger-food pieces.

I was going to make macs and cheese with broccoli in, but Charlie liked the bread stuff so much he asked me to make it again. So I did. We’ll have the macs and cheese for supper. Tough life. *grin*


writing prompt: Your character has an unexpected hangover and has to deal with it in public.