I got a stove top smoker for Christmas and used it for the first time last night. I smoke/cooked a pork tenderloin using oak and alder (came with the smoker). I rubbed the tenderloin with salt and pepper and sprinkled it with caraway seeds. broke up a bay leaf and sliced a clove of garlic paper-thin and put those on. I thought some apple flavor might be nice, but apple wood didn’t come with the cooker, so I cut an apple in half and cored it and put that on the rack with the meat.

It was SO tender and juicy! The only problem, which is now solved, is that it took about half an hour more than the cooking time, because you start counting “cooking time” after the smoke starts curling out (just a tiny bit of smoke comes out). It’s solved, because I know it now, and will figure that into the cooking.

I forgot to serve the apple with the pork, which was a happy accident, because we had a treat this morning. I toasted two frozen waffles, put each on a dish, heated the smoked apples, put those on the waffles, broke up some pecans and sprinkled those on top and poured a little maple syrup over all. MAN, it was good!

We had plenty of meat left over, even after I took some next door to Mom. (She LOVED it!) I have plans for it tomorrow….


Writing prompt: Your character shares something he/she makes or loves with somebody who does NOT love it.