I’m so vain…(channeling Carly Simon–“Youuu’re so vain, you probbly think this song is about you…) I set up a Google Alert for myself. So, for some reason, all these old MysteryNet posts are popping up from back in 1998 (dear God, before the turn of the century….). Some of them are “disputes” and “insult swapping” between me and the late great Bob Iles (also known as The Great Exalted One or The Great EO) and sometimes including the mythical Bill Melater, one of Bob’s inventions. Bill Melater–Bill Me Later. Typical Bob. As I recall, all three of us got tossed out of Mystery Net for hogging bandwidth with nonsense when people were trying to have sensible discussions. I’m sorry for it now (although, I must confess, we had fun), because MysteryNet was a great place to swap questions and answers and information. On one hand, I’m glad the archives are up so new folks can have the benefit of the genuine cleverness and craft and imagination of most of the posts, but I’m newly aware of the importance of watching what you say on this “anonymous” web, because Faulkner turns out to be right: “The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.”

God, I miss Bob. I hope you guys are having lots of fun up there.


Writing prompt: What did your character write/post that he/she is glad to meet again or sorry or ashamed or frightened to meet again?