I signed up to be a worship leader at my church–Corydon Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We have enough signed up that I only had to do it twice this year. I notice from the schedule that I’m only scheduled ONCE next year…. I forgot the call to worship, the first thing I was supposed to do. I kept forgetting what I was saying. I forgot the word “chapter” in saying what the reading was–“Isaiah, …uh…uh…uh… CHAPTER two….” I was going to read from my own Bible, which is, I think, a more natural and graceful translation, but I chickened out and read the church one, which goes kind of “this doesn’t sound like it makes a whole lot of sense, but it’s a little bit poetic–not as poetic as the King James version, though, so you lose most of the poetry while gaining not much more sense.” Luckily, we’re pretty raggedy-andy about things at CCC(DofC), and don’t pay much attention to screw-ups as long as the person messing up is making a genuine attempt. *sigh*

One of the kids who came up for the pastor’s Children’s Moment brought his baby sister, who got away from him and he was trying to corral her without making her cry. While the pastor was praying with the kids, the baby crawled right away, with her brother after her. The pastor opened his eyes, looked at where they had been, and said, “It’s the rapture! –Oh, there they are.” heee!

Mom and I are going to a birthday party today for a friend. It’s a surprise party, but she’s one of the almost everybody who don’t read my blog (the freedom!!) so I won’t be spoiling the surprise.

I added a bunch of stuff to this blog yesterday, and I’m going to streamline my professional web site for January. If I could have one totally selfish holiday wish, it would be that nobody would come here or to my web site looking for a p*o*e*t with the same name as I who wrote beautiful stuff during \/\/ \/\/ one, or who come looking for an essay to steal for their English as a Second Language class about their female parental unit. Several times a year, I get big spikes in my stats when the teachers give those assignments. *heavy sigh*

Oh, well, happy whatever day this is besides Sunday. I’m sure it’s a holiday somewhere, la la la.


Writing prompt: Does your character ever get stage fright? Under what circumstances? How does he/she cope, as is the coping strategy ever successful or ever unsuccessful?