Yeah, yeah, friends and family, but I’m talking about STUFF.

Our 8-year-old grandson made me a Zen garden kit. How cool is that? He picked out a beautiful plate and a fork (both plastic), bagged some salt and some smooth rocks and wrote the instructions himself, firmly refusing any help with the spelling.


In case you can’t read them, the instructions say:

Make your own zen garden.

  1. poor salt on plate
  2. rake salt to plesing dising.
  3. arang rocks.
  4. contemplate and refleckt.

I used to have a Zen garden made with sand, but you can have sand or you can have cats. I look forward to the salt garden. Now I have to clean my office, so I have somewhere to put it….

I took down all the Christmas decorations today and put them away. Left up just WINTER decorations–snowmen, foliage, winter village. Left up the nativity scene and the wise men, because it isn’t Epiphany yet. Christmas decorations when Christmas is over make everything seem so drab, I think, like a deflated balloon. I’d rather look forward to tomorrow than watch yesterday dry up and tatter.


Writing prompt: How long does your character leave holiday decorations up, assuming he/she decorates for holidays. If not, why not?