I never decorate for Christmas until close to the Solstice. Maybe it’s a reaction to all the years I had to wrestle with the kids, trying to keep them from starting to decorate before Thanksgiving. Anyway, the halls are decked. I set up my Christmas village and put my “Christmas Songs” plaque up in the vestibule.

Christmas Songschristmas
by Gerta Kennedy

Bring every child
bring each branch and stem
bent, beautiful, or wild;

bring each thirsty face
and every beast and bird
beyond the holy word
that our lady
of the snows,
lady of blue and of the rose
may affirm
earth’s whole grace.
Her embroidered hem
as she passes
will bless the worm,
bless the smallest grasses.

Bring every child
bring each branch and stem
bent, beautiful, or wild.

Turn all clocks to the wall.
Let omens appear on the skies
as our god is born again
at the turn of the year,
born into men.

Let night fall
and day rise
outside history;christmas-village1
outside of time
again the mystery
rises prime,
bearing its prize,
bearing its deep surprise.
Come again joy!
joy pity and mirth
come again to the earth
in deep December.

The splendors unfold,
velvet and gold,
odors of roses,
of wine.
Pity is holy
laughter’s divine.

Joy and pity
pity and mirth
Come again to the earth
for all men to remember.

On the bottom shelf are the maiden (white) and the mother (brown). I took the crone away for Solstice/Christmas, but I’ll bring her out with honors for New Year’s.

My nativity scene, which is a music box playing “Away In A Manger”, is at least as old as I am–and that’s pretty darn old! The broken-winged angel as big as a camel isn’t originally part of the piece, but it’s come to belong with it. When I tried leaving it out, the kids protested, so it’s part of the scene now.


The plastic wise men are also as old as I am. I stepped on one today and broke two legs off his camel. Thank God for craft glue! He isn’t the first to be broken and repaired.


Charlie cut me a tiny table-top tree yesterday, exactly when I hoped he would, and I decorated it with tiny decorations that look like glass and gingerbread.



And those are the highlights. The gnomes didn’t make the cut again this year (sorry, Sara!). Maybe next year ONE OF THE KIDS will come help me decorate and then the gnomes will rule in triumph once again.


Writing prompt: What does your character HAVE to put up in order for it to feel like Christmas? What did he/she used to have that has been lost? All about that.