• baked bread for breakfast and lunch
  • made and ate breakfast
  • washed, dried and put away 3 loads of laundry
  • studied some Spanish
  • answered some email
  • made some Springerles and put them to dry–have to dry for at least 12 hours–hope the cats don’t whizz on them….
  • spot-cleaned carpet that Al DID use
  • washed dishes from cooking and breakfast and lunch
  • sent synopsis of SAGE to Norilana Books (wheeeeee!)
  • boiled chicken bones to make a base for soup for supper
  • worked a little on a story to submit to Sword and Sorceress for 2009
  • talked to Butch Ragland on the phone–he’s a hoot, that’s what he is, with a capital H

I think I’m going to make chicken vegetable soup with barley for supper. Chop up potatoes, onions, celery and carrot and boil them in chicken stock. Add whatever good chicken can be picked off the bones. Toss in a little quick barley, maybe some frozen lima beans, some herbs (prolly sage, oregano, parsley and marjoram). I think I’ll make a salad of romaine lettuce and raisins and almonds or something like that, and bake some more hard rolls.

Beth, our #2 daughter, brought us some eggs from her chickens, and we had some for breakfast and I used some to make the Springerles. Fresh eggs are so GOOD and so pretty! If you’ve never seen a fresh egg, the yolks are almost orange (huevos anaranjado) and they color everything you bake with them yellow. You can really see the difference, and we think you can really taste the difference. Thank you, chickies!


Writing prompt: Write a thank you note to a chicken. I’m not kidding.