I have no idea if that’s right or not. I’ve been listening to RUSH HOUR SPANISH, trying to pick up enough to give my new El Salvadoran sister-in-law some comfort and companionship, and the title of this post is supposed to mean, “no time to breathe”.

That’s today–and I don’t know the Spanish for “running sideways to keep from flying.”

Mom and I are working in The Book Box, the Friends of Harrison County Library book sale building, from 9-12. From 1-4, the Southern Indiana Writers and I have a signing at the library. From 7 to ?, there’s a FREE Lorinda Jones concert at the Presbyterian Church to benefit Community Services. There’s a Move On meeting in there, somewhere, but I have to pee sometime.


Writing Prompt: concoct a busy day for your least favorite character of your own or of somebody else’s. TV characters count.