My late grandfather was a Baptist and had a Baptist hymnal in his possession. My mother was clearing out books and asked if I wanted it. I am a total hymnal freak, so I snapped it up. It fell open to “God of Earth and Outer Space” which, I find through Google, is a contender for Worst Hymn Ever.  I disagree. I think it’s too funny, and kind of sweet. The lyrics were written in 1970 by Thad Roberts, Jr. and display a breathtaking lack of basic knowledge about space travel. That very lack makes an innocent delight out of the words’ enthusiastic insistence that God is of all places and all times.

I’m one of those tiresome people who read the words they sing and don’t sing if the words don’t suit me, but I would totally sing this hymn if it were in our hymnal.

You can buy the sheet music or download a ringtone.


Writing prompt: Make your character go to a church he/she doesn’t usually attend.