The Woman’s Literary Club of Corydon met today at Mom’s house (she and I are both members) for our Christmas party. She and I split the cooking tasks, and we had a nice spread–not too much, not too little. Several of our members are vegetarians and, what with that and what with the heavy fare you usually get at holiday parties, we decided to go all vegetarian with the menu. We had a hot broccoli dip, a tomato/rice/corn casserole with dill seed, tomato aspic (yes, gelatin, so not so vegetarian), fruit salad with orange cream topping and meringues with chocolate chips. Everybody brought a “white elephant”. For those too young to know, a white elephant is something that’s perfectly good–possibly never been out of the box–that you do NOT WANT.

I brought a statue of a peacock with real peacock tail feathers intermixed with fiber optic strands, with a battery pack up where the stuffing goes that makes the fiber optic strands glow. The woman who chose it LOVED IT! I got some kitchen towels and utensils that are GREAT and… I can hardly believe I scored this treasure… this:

emobirdsIt’s an egg with two emo birds on it. I think it’s supposed to be a potpourri holder, but it could probably hold a tea light. The bird with his head held high and his head shaved is scowling dreadfully, as if he’s cursing the very roots of existence. The other one, who can’t hold his head up and has his feathers combed into his eyes, looks like he’s about to sob aloud. It is so AWESOME! I think I’m going to name them Sturm and Drang, literally Storm and Stress. Here is what says:

  1. Turmoil; ferment: “A book’s historical roots represent another barrier; so does the personal Sturm und Drang of the author” (Robert Kanigel).
  2. A late-18th-century German romantic literary movement whose works typically depicted the struggles of a highly emotional individual against conventional society.

Life is full of happy surprises.


Writing Prompt: It’s pouring down rain. Does your character love it, hate it, or only love (or hate) it if there’s thunder and lightning involved? What does he/she prefer to do on a rainy day?