I still had two of those turnips my Mom bought at the Farmer’s Market at her church, and a local newspaper printed a recipe for Beef and Turnip Stew. My husband can’t eat red meat for health reasons, and I only had two turnips, and we had a big ham bone from a spiral-sliced ham with honey-spice glaze, so I ended up making ham and turnip soup.

The ham bone went into the pressure cooker. I put on the lid and the cock and brought it up to steaminess, then turned it down really low and let it cook for a couple of hours. When I took it off the heat and removed the lid, the bone itself was so tender it was almost falling apart. I took all the bones and bits out and put any good meat back into the pot and gave the bones and bits to the dog. I know cooked bones are supposed to be bad for dogs, but this bone was not going to splinter. I tested it. This bone was crumbling.

I diced the turnips and added them, some salt and pepper and onion powder (sauteed onion would have been nicer, but I just didn’t, okay?) and some marjoram.

Sounds pretty plain, but it was so rich and delicious! I made some fresh bread to go with it, too.


Writing prompt: Does your character like to cook? Make up a character who hates to cook EXCEPT for one dish that he/she does extremely well. What is that dish? What do his/her friends think about his/her only having one dish which is, however, excellent?